Thursday, January 10, 2013

6W7SK(Senegal) on 30m CW!!!

6W7SK(Senegal) on 30m CW!!!

6W7SK Senegal flag Senegal 
Francis Pinson
c/o Daniel Eichenberger

[+] Mailing label
Lookups:   17129
Email:  QSL: VIA F6BLP

20130109 1850UTC 10117.5kHz 6W7SK
Date : 09/Jan/2013 1850UTC 
Freq : 10117.5kHz CW
Rig  : SDR(PI4THT)
ANT  : Mini-Whip(PAØRDT)
PC recording

Thanks for calling me in Senegal . Nice to contact you ! yes
Log online
Log uploaded (2012/02/02) on LOTW and EQSL .
PSE send me a mail if you don't receive your direct qsl ! 100% QSl also via Bureau
IC-7000 with G5RV inverted V in the tree 10m up, mainly CW operation, during holiday timecool (not expedition).
Hope to contact you soon from 6W7SK 73's es DX op Francis (F6BLP)

Next activity 2 weeks in January (2013) from January 04 to January 18 during holiday time in Saly Portudal 80 kms south Dakar on the coast.

Hope to contact you, mainly CW activity, on 10 to 80 meters (8 bands !) QSL via LOTW, EQSL, Direct, via French Bureau (REF).

Lookups17129 (22691)
Last Update2012-02-27 18:59:06
Latitude14.440935 (14° 26' 27'' N)
Longitude-17.013488 (17° 0' 48'' W)
Grid SquareIK14lk
Geo SourceUser supplied
Bearing325.3° NW (from JJ5IZX)
Distance8611.4 mi (13858.7 km)
Long Path16245.4 mi (26144.5 km)
Sunrise07:35:14 UTC
Sunset18:54:29 UTC
CQ Zone35
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